A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away …

A young girl dreamed that she could be Sabine Wren and her family, the Ghost Crew. As she began to work, her brother also started to create his own costume and the girl’s dream spread to the rest of the family.

Space Family Cosplay

Spectre 1 — @jedimasterlee — Kanan Jarrus; Ben Kenobi

Spectre 2 — @spacemousetravel — Hera Syndulla

Spectre 4 — @sven_fett — Garazeb Orrelios; Custom Mandalorian

Spectre 5 – @adaisycreation — Sabine Wren; Jinx (Arcane); Yelena Belova (Marvel); Korra (The Legend of Korra); Catra (She-Ra)

Spectre 6 — @artwizardscreations — Ezra Bridger; Din Djarin; Benthic Two-tubes; Custom Mandalorian; Vi (Arcane)


Space Family Trading

We’ve always dreamed of sharing our creations with other fans.

Visit our Etsy shop for resin-cast props and armor, plus stickers, tees, patches and artwork. 


Space Mouse Travel

We enjoy sharing our knowledge of all things Disney and Star Wars.

Pair this with our mad planning skills and you get … free Disney vacation planning and booking.

Let us help make your next vacation magical. 


Luminary Graphics

Graphic Design, Web Development and Photography.

With over 30 years of experience in design and print production and over 20 years of developing web sites, you can depend on Luminary Graphics to handle your next project.